Michigan Concealed Pistol Training

NRA Personal Protection in The Home Course 

        Carry With Confidence
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  Course approved in all counties -  $135.00  

Course includes all necessary* equipment and faculty use- read more 

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Gerald Wrage - NRA instructor - read more

Legal - Michael Klockow - Attorney and legal council

NRA and state approved Training

This course meets the requirements of the new CCW law (Public Act 381) effective on July 1, 2001. and Public Act 719, effective July 1, 2003. This course complies with section 5j of 1927 PA 372 effective October 1, 2004.

ccw application requirements - read more

Class completion requirements

100% class attendance

50 firearms  law question written test

25 question NRA written test

Range shooting skills

CPL Class Contents

Michigan firearms law manual - overview

CPL system operating principles 

Firearms Law and Legal Liability

CPL Application Procedures

Safe Storage

Home and Child Safety      

Avoiding Criminal Attack and Controlling a Violent Confrontation

Ammunition Knowledge

Handgun Safety and Handling        

Handgun Operation

Handgun Shooting Fundamentals

 Range preparation

Practical Pistol Shooting Positions

 Shooting Skills

 Written test


Basic Defensive Shooting Skills - 100 rounds

 Handgun operation exercise

Live fire evaluation and warm up

 Basic Defensive Shooting Skills

 Self defense procedures

If more range training is necessary to qualify see range training options 

Shooting skills is objectives based

The applicant must demonstrate the ability to safely operate a handgun and make consistent shots placements at a target distance of 9, 15 and 21 ft on a 8.5 x 11 size paper target.

 Live fire is required to  for the CPL course.

 Any caliber of handgun can be used.

The applicant is not required to own a handgun.

 Prior handgun shooting experience is not required, but is a benefit to the applicant.

There is no rapid fire or drawing form the holster.

 There is no speed shooting or combat techniques

The range course of fire objectives is designed to develop safe handgun operation and  shooting skills through repetitive "building blocks" of core procedures that produce the desired results in the reasonable amount of time. Each shooting segment will build on the previous segment through repetitive handgun operating procedures and firing additional shots with each sequence.

 RANGE procedure

ACC-U-Check Target

Phase one  - Handgun operation exercise

Phase two - Live fire evaluation and warm up phase

Demonstrate safe gun handling

State and demonstrate the three fundamental Rules for Safe Gun Handling.

Demonstrate the proper loading, cocking, uncocking, and unloading procedures

Demonstrate the ability to shoot groups with the pistol at a distance of 15 feet.

The student must shoot three five-shot groups, at a 8.5x11 size paper

Phase 3 - Basic Defensive Pistol Skills

Phase 4 - Introduction to defensive shooting

Point shooting and Verbal Challenge Drill

TQ-19 law enforcement qualification target (reality based qualification)

Target placed at 8 - 10 ft feet

 24 rounds - 2 hands

14 rounds strong hand only

Total of 98 rounds fired


 Equipment Required

100 rounds of ammunition (Each)

Eye and ear protection (furnished by the range)

One handgun (we have guns to use if necessary)

One baseball cap -  Prescription eye glasses are approved as safety glasses at the range. If you wear classes and use them to shoot a hat provides a visor over you eyes to help print  ejected cases for falling behind you glasses

Optional training and knowledge development  programs

Options are available to the applicant to meet the shooting skill requirements

 HeadStart program review (prior to class) - read more 

  Student Connection Program - read more

1.  Attend the 3 hour CPL range preparation class- read more

This can be a private class or in a small group.

If the shooting skills cannot be achieved in the class range time.

3.  Additional range time - read more can be scheduled.


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CPL Shooting Skill Development training -read more

Student HeadStart programs - read more

CPL course overview and Training options - read more

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